What does GachiPLS mean?

GachiPLS is yet another Gachi emote, depicting adult entertainment actor and popular meme personality Billy Herrington.

Here the said guy is performing some sort of intense movement with his arm flung up… it kind of reminds me of a messed up RKO, or a heavy uppercut, while kneeling. I don’t rightly know; I’d mostly associate the movement with intense masturbation.

The emote is used to declare someone dead or otherwise for some sort of event that is unbelievably unfortunate.



What's the origin of GachiPLS?

The emote is originating from an unknown video of the Gachimuchi Billy Herrington.

The first instance of the clip was posted on Reddit in 2017 and YouTube videos as well as memes have been created using the frame.

The original emote was uploaded to BTTV in Januray 2017 by user RemeZZZ.

The emote was added to the FrankerFaceZ library by user soul_appl in June, 2019.

Spread & Usage

How did GachiPLS spread?

The emote’s use on the streaming platform, Twitch TV was quite limited, since Gachi is mostly associated with the fandom of Forsen. As of April, 2020 it has been part of 5102 sets and the number is growing.

Memes on the other hand have swarmed Reddit, as well as YouTube, resulting in the widespread recognition of the GachiPLS phenomenon; Gachi memes and emotes being a classic part of the meme scene.

Urban Dictionary created an entry on the emote in May 2019.

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