What does Kapp mean?

Kapp is the modified version of the legendary Kappa emote on Twitch TV, used to express sarcasm after the texts, similarly to the original one.

The difference between the original emote and this one is that the face of Josh De Seno is being cropped down from the left.

His face is also heavily pixelated in the original Kapp emote uploaded on FrankerFaceZ, though other versions are using the high definition edition of the cropped face.



What's the origin of Kapp?

Kapp has been first added to the repertoire of the streaming platform’s emotes in October, 2017 by user Teyn.

It has been used in over 31000 sets as of 2020 – a number that will surely grow with an emote of this magnitude.

Spread & Usage

How did Kapp spread?

The widespread recognition of Kappa and the face represented gave ease to the spread of Kapp, though relative to its original counterpart, it is still underused.

The simple change to Kappa made the emote more original, while also keeping it recognizable for even the newbies of the streaming platform.

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