What does KKomrade mean?

KKomrade is the Eastern European edition of the widely endorsed BTTV emote KKona.

KKona was originally used to mock Americans and is often referred to as the “redneck” or “hillbilly” emote.

KKomrade is the Russian version of the same message, it could be called perhaps the “gopnik” emote, though the form of the name makes it so that it uses the most popular word in the Eastern bloc; comrade.



What's the origin of KKomrade?

KKona had been in used on Twitch since before 2015, so it was about time a commie counterpart was created on FrankerFaceZ in 2018, by user garych.

KKomrade is using the same face; Kona with the difference being their hat.

The American version depicts the streamer with a flat cap, while the glorious Russian one is depicting the guy with a commissary hat from the Soviet era; red star and all.

Spread & Usage

How did KKomrade spread?

KKomrade has enjoyed lots of endorsements and uses in sets since its upload. By 2020, it had already amassed over 24000 uses and still counting.

It is a loved emote, because finally ‘Muricans have the opportunity to come back at the haters with their own weapon.

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