What does OkayChamp mean?

OkayChamp is yet another emote, depicting the gaming personality Gootecks, with a particular, awkward looking smile… the one you use when something awkward is said, but group pressure or your inner self-loathing forces you to stay silent, but you can’t control the face you make in the situation.

It is largely utilized to express the feelings of “Whatever you say, bitch”.



What's the origin of OkayChamp?

The original Gootecks emote was called PogChamp, which set the naming pattern for the later emotes, using the same dude’s face… most of them not even going as far as to use a different video for finding shots of the gamer.

This is the case with OkayChamp, an emote which has been added to the grand repertoire of FrankerFaceZ in 2018, by the user raptor2899.

Spread & Usage

How did OkayChamp spread?

While OkayChamp is relatively small in the vast sea of Twitch emotes, it still had amassed quite an amount of uses in sets, almost 15000 by April, 2020. Of course this number is only to grow, with the increasing popularity of the streaming service and the emotes in its chat section.

Memes are yet to be created from the emote, though time on the internet works differently than in the 3D reality.

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