What does PeepoHappy mean?

PeepoHappy is yet another Twitch TV emote, depicting the widely known and recognized Pepe the Frog.

This time the iconic amphibian is shown in an ecstatic state, with grand, gleaming eyes and a wide smile.

He kind of looks like a Chinese replica of the original meme frog though.

Obviously, it is used to convey feelings of happiness; more intense than FeelsGoodMan.



What's the origin of PeepoHappy?

Pepe the Frog has been present on the streaming platform’s chat feature since the very beginning, with several different emotes featuring him in his various emotional states.

PeepoHappy was first uploaded on the FrankerFaceZ extension of Twitch by Klotzi in December, 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did PeepoHappy spread?

The joyful, but a bit knock off looking Pepe emote has been used in over 13000 sets in its short lifespan of just two and a half years.

Its great success probably lies in the fact, that it is a recognizable, yet different version of the well-known, happy green animal.

Or as James Franco said in the Interview; It’s the same, but different… but still the same.

Several other versions had been also created; obviously for a PeepoHappy, there needs to be a PeepoSad, that is depicting the frog with a grieving face, with tears dripping from his glorious green cheeks.

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