What does PogSlide mean?

PogSlide is a Better TTV extension emote for Twitch TV depicting the original Poggers emote, witch Pepe the Frog having a facial expression similar to that of Gootecks’ in PogChamp.

The only difference in the emote in title and its paternal one is that PogSlide is – unexpectedly – sliding left in an endless loop, while the original Poggers emote is but a stationary version of the same image.

They are both used to convey feelings of excitement and emotion.



What's the origin of PogSlide?

While Poggers was an emote added to FrankerFaceZ in 2017, the PogSlied emote was added to the library of the Better TTV extension in 2018, by user nl_Kripp.

Spread & Usage

How did PogSlide spread?

PogSlide is a popular emote to be used, due to its energetic motion and same easily recognizable and decipherable meaning.

It has been used in over 10000 sets as of 2020.

A Reddit thread with the title “PETITION TO ADD POGSLIDE POGGERS” is a direct precursor to the addition of the emote to the vast sea of already existing Twitch emotes about Pepe the Frog. Lucky for many, it has indeed been added.

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