What does PogU mean?

PogU is a variant of the original Twitch.tv emote called PogChamp. This version features the face of an excited Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, with an open mouth, looking straight at the camera.

The emote on Twitch.tv is used to express excitement, shock or even surprise, usually spammed alongside with its original version to create more hype.

PogU” is a variant emote based on the original PogChamp along with several other formats, like:



What's the origin of PogU?

The Pog memes all originate from the same blooper reel, uploaded to YouTube by Cross Counter TV, on November 26th, 2012.

At some point in the video, the cameraman trips off screen, to which Gootecks reacts with displaying various surprised facial expressions, all of which were turned into Twitch emotes and reaction image memes.

“PogU” was added to the FrankerFaceZ in mid-2018 enhancing viewers’ experience on Twitch with some quality memes.

Spread & Usage

How did PogU spread?

“PogU” spread rapidly on Reddit following a post by u/Amiccuz, uploaded to the r/forsen sub on June 4th, 2018.

However, due to the constant spamming of viewers, the “PogU” emote was banned on the Twitch chat channel of Forsen on June 14th, 2018.

Following this, the emote, along with its variants continued to be spammed on Twitch streams, especially the channels of pokelawls, xQc, as well as many others.

As of December 10th, 2019. PogU is 9th on the top 100 most used emotes list according to the website StreamElements.

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