What does RicardoFlick mean?

RicardoFlick is a legendary tier Twitch emote, featuring the godlike meme personality; Ricardo Milos, with his mind boggling moves and his smug smile, that would even tempt a prude nun.

People use the emote to convey feelings of smugness, confidence and of course a slight hint of gayness, just for the taste.



What's the origin of RicardoFlick?

Ricardo had already conquered the internet in the early 2010’s, when his dancing video has been shared on NND and gained an enormous amount of views since.

2018 had brought a resurgence in the popularity of Ricardo’s dance video seen in tons of bait and switch videos, especially in context with TikTok, though he has also been associated with the Howard the Alien meme.

This resurgence had not been unnoticed on streaming services either.

Spread & Usage

How did RicardoFlick spread?

The Twitch emote was created in late 2018 on the FrankeFaceZ extension, by the user TheGrowl.

It has been applied in 3391 sets as of 4/20 2020.

Despite a relative drop in popularity, RicardoFlick is still a present and largely endorsed emote on the streaming service and its importance as a meme will surely never fade.

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