What does VoHiYo mean?

VoHiYo is an Original Twitch.tv emote which is one of the first Twitch.tv emotes. It is used by the viewers in chat when something they call weeb (the weeb are people who obsessed with Japanese culture, anime and they are not from japan) is happening.

The emote features a manga/anime girl with a monkey wrench on her back and waving with her right hand.

Originally it was used to say โ€œhiโ€ in chat, but because the hate on the weeb culture on the internet, its meaning has degraded and is now similar other weeb emotes like Koncha, PunOko, TPFufun, and TehePelo.



What's the origin of VoHiYo?

The emote VoHiYo was created by Volary, who is a member of the Twitch.tv staff.

VoHiYo is part of the original emotes collection that were uploaded to the site in the early days after its change in name from Justin.tv.

However, the original upload date is unknown, it is considered to be around the same time as the original Kappa emote was created in 2011.

Spread & Usage

How did VoHiYo spread?

As of 10/12/2019 according to the website StreamElements, VoHiYo is the 38th on the list of most popular/used emotes on the website Twitch.tv, making it one of the more popular emotes.

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