500 Teeth Dinosaur


What does 500 Teeth Dinosaur mean?

500 teeth dinosaur (also known as dinosaur with 500 teeth) is part of a specific type of memes called Don’t Google memes which use reverse psychology in order to trick viewers into google searching the topic of the given meme, in this case – the dinosaur that had 500 teeth.

Once looked up, search engines will likely show “Nigersaurus” as a result. This joke has led to the making of several ironic memes referring to the dinosaur’s name containing the “N-word”.


What's the origin of 500 Teeth Dinosaur?

The origin of the meme supposedly came from a joke made by a since deleted user at Reddit’s /r/teenagers in 2019.

The post said the following: “Whatever you do, don’t google dinosaur with 500 teeth

The post since then has been deleted. It reached 5 upvotes and 9 comments prior to its suspension.

Spread & Usage

How did 500 Teeth Dinosaur spread?

The 500 teeth dinosaur meme started to spread initially on reddit, when anti-comedy subreddits such as /r/okbuddyretard and /r/comedynechrophilia started to circulate the format, eventually generating a mild hype around it.

The joke was implemented into various templates, one example for it was the use of the Lord forgive me template featuring Bugs Bunny holding a handgun, saying “Don’t google 500 teeth dinosaur – Worst mistake of my life”.

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