Action Is Coming


What does Action Is Coming mean?

Action is coming is a voice effect meme, which was sampled out of a 2015 Ugandan Wakaliwood movie, titled Who killed Captain Alex.

The whole of the low-budget pseudo action movie is a piece of meme history. It has been the birth giver of numerous online references and meme formats, one of them was the male voice that delightfully utters β€œaction is coming” during a scene.


What's the origin of Action Is Coming?

The movie, which was released in Uganda in 2015, was created by using home-grade cameras,makeshift props, and featured goofy sound and dodgy after effects. It is also claimed to be Uganda’s first English language movie project.

The film operates with several different elements throughout the plot. One of the early scenes is themed as a musical, where we can see some of the main characters showcased. At the end of the scene, as the characters form a line and march together, suddenly the music stops and a mail voice foreshadows what is about to go down by saying: β€œaction is coming”.

Spread & Usage

How did Action Is Coming spread?

The quote has been brought in relation with a number of other memes throughout the years, mostly on forums like Reddit.

One honorable mention would be the Do you know da wae? meme, which also has roots tied to the country of Uganda.

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