Do you know da wae?


What does Do you know da wae? mean?

“Do you know da wae?” is a repeated catchphrase for Ugandan Knuckles, which is a nickname of a character depiction of Knuckles from the original Sonic franchise.

The original Ugandan Knuckles was created by the youtuber Gregzilla, which is often used by the players in the multiplayer game called VRChat as an avatar.

Players use “Do you know da wae?” as a phase to represent the memes associated to the country Uganda.

The phase comes from an Ugandan made film “Who Killed Captain Alex?”

They use this phase to mock the African accent accompanied with a spitting sound and a mob like mentality to troll VRChat users.

Do you know da wae?


What's the origin of Do you know da wae??

The Ugandan Knuckles was created in early-2017 by the youtuber Gregzilla when he uploaded a review of the game “Sonic Lost World” where he used the parody animation of Knuckles.

Later in 2017 a 3d model was released, based on Gregzilla’s Knuckles depiction which was then used to create the avatar for the game VRChat.

Spread & Usage

How did Do you know da wae? spread?

Since the creation of the avatar for Ugandan Knuckles in the game VRChat, the phrase started to rise in popularity and spread to other games and the internet culture.

The gaming news website Kotaku posted an article deeming it racist in 2018, which has given the phrase even more attention.

This was later picked up by the tech company Razer, where it was used as part of one of their advertisements.

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