Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets


What does Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets mean?

The Alright Then, Keep Your‍ Secrets meme is a humorous way of⁢ expressing the feeling of being ​left ​out or excluded⁤ from ‌a conversation or group. It is often used in situations where someone chooses not to share information or keeps things to themselves.

The ⁢phrase is typically accompanied by a⁤ still image of the character Frodo Baggins from the “The Lord‍ of the ⁤Rings”‌ film franchise, played by actor Elijah Wood. The meme gained popularity due to its relatability and the ​comical expression on Frodo’s face, capturing the frustration of not being let in on a secret. Although not as viral, as the They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard format, “Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets” still became somewhat of a sensation online in the late 2010s.

Example: Imagine being with a group of friends who suddenly burst into laughter, leaving you puzzled.⁤ You ask them what’s so funny,​ but they respond⁤ with, “Alright then, keep your secrets.” This ‍meme perfectly captures the feeling ‌of being left out and the playful‌ annoyance that follows.

When my boss tells me to put my phone away and get back to work, or else!


What's the origin of Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets?

The “Alright‌ Then, Keep Your Secrets” meme ⁣originates⁢ from the scene in “The Fellowship of the Ring,” the⁤ first film in the “The Lord ​of the Rings” trilogy, which premiered in the United States on December 19th, 2001.

In one of the beginning scenes of the movie, Frodo encounters Gandalf, arriving in The Shire, and starts telling him about Bilbo’s strange behavior, expecting Gandalf to know more. When Gandalf remains silent during the conversation, Frodo begins to smile and says the iconic line “Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets”.

The meme gained traction in the online community in 2018 when‍ it⁢ began circulating on various social media ⁢platforms,⁤ following an upload of the scene to YouTube in 2017.

The image macro, accompanied by captions quickly caught on due to ​the relatable nature of⁤ feeling left out of conversations ​or situations.

Spread & Usage

How did Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets spread?

The “Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets” meme was first shared on Facebook in June 2018, and quickly spread across social media platforms, such as‌ Twitter, ⁤and Reddit, occurring both as a reaction image, as well as a GIF.

As users saw the⁢ meme and related to its sentiment, they began creating their own versions, using the​ image of Frodo with the caption to express their frustrations in various scenarios. ⁤The meme’s humorous yet relatable nature made it a favorite among ​internet users,⁤ leading to its widespread sharing and remixing.

Over time, the phrase “Alright Then, ⁣Keep Your Secrets” became a popular and versatile response to situations in which someone refuses to​ share information. ⁣The meme evolved to include other characters or pop culture references, but the iconic image of Frodo Baggins remains the most recognizable and synonymous with​ the‌ meme.

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