Batman Slapping Robin


What does Batman Slapping Robin mean?

Batman slapping Robin, also called My Parents are Dead is an exploitable image meme, from DC’s Batman comic series.

On the picture, we see the protagonist slapping his sidekick, Robin mid-sentence.

Batman Slapping Robin


What's the origin of Batman Slapping Robin?

The panel is taken from a 1965 Batman comic book; in which he is convinced Superman is responsible for the death of his parents.

When Robin tries to talk sense into Batman, he just slaps the thought back into the boy’s head.

Spread & Usage

How did Batman Slapping Robin spread?

The first parody of the comic book panel was uploaded to SFWChan in 2008, with Robin asking his master, what he’ll get for Christmas, to which Batman reacts with “My Parents Are Deaaaad”.

“Batman Slapping Robin” had appeared on Tumblr in the same year and it spread onto various sites in the 2010’s, including 4chan, Reddit, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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