What does Beesechurger mean?

Beesechurger is a term that has gained popularity on the internet in recent years. It is a misspelling of the word “cheeseburger” and was first introduced as a meme on Tumblr. The word has since become a popular topic of discussion among internet users, particularly those who enjoy dark humor and absurdity.

The term is usually paired with images of absurdly composed cheeseburgers, like a bun sandwiched in between a pair of beef patties and slices of cheese.

“Beeschurger” is also reminiscent of the Cheems meme, which is also based on a playful modification of the word “Cheesburger.”



What's the origin of Beesechurger?

The origin of “Beesechurger” can be traced back to a viral Tumblr post that took the internet by storm in 2018.

The post, which featured the phrase “welcome to mcdawnalds do you wanna phucking beesechurger,” quickly became a meme and was shared across various social media platforms.

It quickly spurred users on Tumblr to create responses, which resulted in a post, titled Chinken Nungent.

Spread & Usage

How did Beesechurger spread?

After the initial post on Tumblr gained traction, users began creating their own versions of the meme. Some added their own unique twists to the exchange, while others simply shared the original post with their followers.

The meme soon made its way to other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Youtube. Users created audio remakes and videos featuring the “Beesechurger” exchange, which helped to further spread its popularity.

Not long after the upload of the original post, various art recreations also swarmed Tumblr, including the creations of theshitpostcalligrapher and thecloun, both of which gained a lot of popularity on the site.

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