What does Beesechurger mean?

Beesechurger is an intentionally misspelled word, meaning cheeseburger, which was popularized by a Tumblr post and became a dark role play on the Internet.

The meme “beesechurger” features a burger that is in an absurd order like cheese, bun, meat, bun, and cheese.



What's the origin of Beesechurger?

On the 26th of March 2018, a Tumblr post shared by user hustlerose went viral.

The post “welcome to mcdawnalds do you wanna phucking beesechurger” was re-blogged by another user jakenbary, adding “p-please, i just want to s-see my wife again.”

Hustlerose re-blogged the post again, with the comment “chinken nungent”. It gained over 104,000 notes on Tumblr.

Spread & Usage

How did Beesechurger spread?

After the post went viral, an audio performance was posted of the exchange by the user kuueater, which gained even more recognition than the original one, more specifically it received 114,000 notes.

The following day, the video clip of the exchange was uploaded, and it received over 211,000 views. The meme spread all over Youtube and art posts on Tumblr.

Also, there are various examples of art posts of the exchange on Tumblr. For instance, a post by theshitpostcalligrapher gained over 3,000 notes, and a drawing posted by a user thecloun, received around 170 notes.

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