What does Cheems mean?

Cheems is the name of an ironic Doge character, frequently appearing on the r/dogelore subreddit.

The dog’s biggest characteristic is its mispronunciation of words, usually by adding unnecessary “m”-s to words, which usually results in the punchline of memes.

“Cheems” is mostly associated with his favorite food, cheeseburgers, which he mispronounces as “cheemsburbgers”.

Unedited cheems photo


What's the origin of Cheems?

The photo of the doge comes from an Instagram post by @balltze from September 4th, 2017.

The strange looking shiba inu’s head was taken from the photo to be used in memes.

“Cheems” was first turned into a meme in June, 2019, on Reddit’s r/dogelore subreddit.

Spread & Usage

How did Cheems spread?

The shiba inu remains the most popular on dogelore, however, the multi-paneled memes, telling of the adventures of “Cheems” can also be found on various social media sites, be it Facebook meme groups, Instagram meme pages or tweets.

Starting in 2020, “Cheems” would appear on the Swole Doge vs. Cheems format, which is similar to the Chad vs. Virgin meme.

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