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What does Berries and Cream Guy mean?

Berries and Cream Guy, also known as Little Lad refers to the central character from the Berries and Cream meme, that came from the viral commercial of Starburst from 2007.

He was played by actor Jack Ferver, dressed as a Victorian-era boy, singing and performing an odd song along with a dance, revolving around his favorite snack; Berries and Cream.

While the “Berries and Cream Guy” went viral as early as 2007, appearing in YouTube parodies at the platform’s golden age, his legacy did not end, as he was revived in 2021 by Justin McElroy, when he shared the meme on TikTok. 

This quickly led to the renewed spread of the Berries and Cream meme, turning into a viral sound, and an all-encompassing trend.

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What's the origin of Berries and Cream Guy?

The “Berries and Cream Guy” originates from a 2007 commercial of Starburst, made to promote their new flavor; Berries and Cream. It began airing in March that year, featuring Jack Ferver in Victorian Drip, with a high-pitched British accent, performing a ridiculous song.

The ad immediately gained attention online, with people joking about Little Lad’s resemblance to Lord Farquaad from Shrek, while others were claiming he looked like a Christmas elf, sitting on a Throne of Lies.

Soon enough, the “Berries and Cream Guy” was exploited on YouTube, appearing in countless meme parodies and remixes.

The success of the character led Starburst to create another advertisement, where Little Lad was teaching viewers his dance moves.

Spread & Usage

How did Berries and Cream Guy spread?

While most people moved on from the “Berries and Cream Guy” over the years, one person, Justin McElroy kept referencing it in his content, even in the 2010s. Eventually, in January 2021, he posted “The Little Lad Dance” instructional video on TikTok, encouraging others to create content with the sound.

Although the call wasn’t answered immediately, by July 2021, Berries and Cream TikToks started appearing on the platform, and would steadily swarm it in the subsequent years.

Despite the passage of time, the “Berries and Cream Guy” is still not forgotten on TikTok, with newer and newer content emerging every day still, as of 2023.

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