Biden Blast


What does Biden Blast mean?

Biden Blast refers to a series of exploitable image macro memes, revolving around POTUS Joe Biden. The President is usually seen on photoshopped memes, performing video game-like moves, along with beams of light, as in the Imma Firin Mah Lazer meme.

The format gained popularity on Twitter in early 2023, spawning various other iterations in the following months, appearing on sites like YouTubeInstagram and TikTok.



What's the origin of Biden Blast?

The photo, that was later exploited in the “Biden Blast” meme comes from a 2021 YouTube thumbnail, from the video of Michael Knowles, who uploaded the content in November 2021, under the title “Biden Bans African | Ep. 895.” The photoshopped thumbnail depicts Biden with a hand extended toward the viewer, resembling a “Stop” gesture.

Knowles’ thumbnail was shared on various sites in December 2021, including Reddit and iFunny, although it didn’t turn into the currently viral meme for years yet.

“Biden Blast” was coined by Twitter user @brycecarringto5 on December 28th 2022, where he used it along with the image macro in an argument against another user. In January 2023, he reposted his reply, which gained several reposts and likes, marking the beginning of a new meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Biden Blast spread?

February 2023 saw a rapid rise in the number of “Biden Blast” posts, which came with a wide variety of captions, resembling the “Nothing Personell Kid” phrasal template.

YouTube and TikTok videos also began emerging around this time, swarming the platforms with meme content, revolving around Biden.

Several other memes also began emerging online, including the Biden Bolt and the Biden Shout, making fun of the President of the United States.

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