Big Oof


What does Big Oof mean?

Big Oof is the ultimate way to give voice to your soul crushing failure, and the pain induced by that.

It derives from the meme expression “oof” said in cases of heavy burns and epic fails.

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What's the origin of Big Oof?

Oof had been utilized by the meme community in the dark reaches of the internet at least since the mid 2010’s, if not way before that.

Big oof had made it to the English dictionary in 2018… at least the first Urban Dictionary entry, I’ve found on the subject was written at that date.

Spread & Usage

How did Big Oof spread?

Due to the general appreciation of “oof”, big oof became an instant success as well… it technically is one level higher in intensity than oof.

If people had started to use “mega oof” the three levels of the exclamation would be found and the words of power could be properly utilized to express feelings of failure and derping stuff, we care about.

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