Big Smoke Order


What does Big Smoke Order mean?

Big Smoke order (or Big Smoke’s order) is a meme which refers to a particular scene of the iconic GPG-action game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The character Big Smoke’s monologue of the long-going list of items, which he orders during a mission, have become a copypasta meme on the internet over the years.

Big Smoke’s iconic order is: “I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45’s, one with cheese and a large soda.”

The exact content of the order is still debated by fans of the GTA series to date.

The calories and items of big smoke’s order in GTA: San Andreas


What's the origin of Big Smoke Order?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was published by the studio Rockstar Games in 2004.

In the game we play as the character CJ, following his adventures with his fellow gang members.

Big Smoke’s order happens during the mission “Drive-Thru”, when CJ takes his buddies out on a food trip to Cluckin’ Bell.

This scene was uploaded on YouTube in 2010, by user James227UK, and has generated close to 10 million views, as of 2022.

Spread & Usage

How did Big Smoke Order spread?

The phenomenon was popularized on the internet via various YouTube remix videos, starting from 2016, like FlyingKitty’s video of the order which got re-edited to match the tune of the 1992 hip-hop song “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” by Dr. Dre.

Similarly in 2016, ICEnJAM uploaded a prank video to the site, in which he calls up McDonald’s employees on Skype and uses Big Smoke’s voice, pretending to order.

The Big Smoke order eventually surfaced on the Reddit board /r/Copypasta as well.

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