You Lost the Game


What does You Lost the Game mean?

You lost the Game is a reference to the popular and strange, or perhaps strangely popular mind game, played by everyone and no one at the same time.

The Game is rather simple, with two rules; whenever one thinks about The Game, one loses; and losses must be announced.

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What's the origin of You Lost the Game?

The exact origin of The Game is unknown, although a similar concept, also based on ironic processing (also called White Bear Principle) has been played by Leo Tolstoy and his brother in the 1840’s and Dostoevsky mentions it in his 1863 essay, Winter Notes on Summer Impressions.

The modern form of The Game is mostly attributed to the schoolyard students of England or Australia, bored in the 90’s.

Spread & Usage

How did You Lost the Game spread?

β€œYou lost the Game” is similar to a curse, as once you say the sentence to someone who is familiar with The Game, they immediately lose it.

The phenomenon is liked and discussed by many online, appearing on Reddit threads as well as other social media posts.

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