What does Borzoi mean?

Borzoi is a special dog breed, hailing from Russia, known for their long snouts and majestic looks.

Online, the dog breed became popular on TikTok, following 2020, thanks to memes like Cheese Tax and Let Me Do It For You. Apart from these memes, content of “Borzoi” dogs are also popular all across the web, including Imgur, Tumblr, YouTube, as well as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Borzoi Let Me Do It For You Earth Destroyed Edition


What's the origin of Borzoi?

The “Borzoi” breed originates from 16th century Russia, being a favorite among the court of the Tsar. For a long while, this particular breed could only be gifted by the ruler of Russia himself, with everyday people unable to buy them. During this time, the “Borzoi” was known as Russian Wolfhound.

It was in 1936, that the breed was named “Borzoi,” which is the masculine singular form of an archaic Russian adjective Borzáya that means “fast.” 

Spread & Usage

How did Borzoi spread?

“Borzoi” dogs became a trend online in the 2020s, as more and more content about them began emerging on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Content creators also began making memes, taking inspiration from this friendly breed. The first meme was the Let Me Do It For You meme parody, where drawn and real life versions of “Borzois” were frequently displayed, using their long noses to help people.

Another popular meme contribution came from @esperborzoi who contributed in the Cheese Tax meme with their dog, further solidifying the breed’s position as the meme king of canines.

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