Let Me Do It For You


What does Let Me Do It For You mean?

Let Me Do It For You, also known as Miss Piggy “Cellophane” Cover refers to a viral meme online, extremely prevalent on TikTok.

The meme itself is a parody of the FKA Twigs’ song “Cellophane,” addressed to Kermit the Frog in the voice of Miss Piggy. It has been circulating online since 2022, especially on TikTok, in countless variations, including a popular format, depicting a Borzoi dog (known from the Cheese Tax meme).

Let me do it for you


What's the origin of Let Me Do It For You?

The FKA Twigs song titled “Cellophane” was released in 2019, and it serves as the base for the “Let Me Do It For You” meme, which was first shared online on the Instagram account @boyfriend.dick3 in February 2020.

In the original meme video, the lyrics of the song are sung in a voice, mimicing that of Miss Piggy, in an iMessages voice memo. The original video was reposted on YouTube by Will Orrick on February 24th, 2022.


Spread & Usage

How did Let Me Do It For You spread?

By September 2022, the “Let Me Do It For You” meme spread to Twitter, where mashups with a Miss Piggy muppet began circulating around, gaining a lot of attention.

The format first appeared on TikTok in November that years, marking the beginning of a new trend.

December and November of 2022 saw the massive rise of the “Let Me Do It For You” meme both on Twitter and TikTok. The format eventually evolved on December 28th, when TikTok user @sugarthesilken shared a video of his Borzoi receiving a bath, paired with the iconic sound.

Since then, countless variations and reinterpretations have appeared on TikTok, even in 2023, reaching back to both the Borzoi template, while users also use the sound for their unique videos.

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