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What does Bottom Text mean?

Bottom text memes are ironic memes that mock the concept of the original Advice Animal meme template layout, which consists of an evenly aligned top and bottom text on images.

It usually appears in the form of a deep fried image that has some non-contextual text on top and “bottom text” on the low-end.

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What's the origin of Bottom Text?

Many meme-creating websites, such as Imgflip or Memegenerator, have the feature that lets users make their own Advice Animal memes by adding custom text on a given image template.

Before typing in a custom text, these sites usually have “top text” and “bottom text” written on the images as default. The meme bottom text was inspired by this phenomenon and was created by the intention to mock people who use this basic, and debatably outdated form for new memes.

Spread & Usage

How did Bottom Text spread?

This new form breaker meme was quickly gaining traction in ironic meme communities starting from 2016. It was eventually featured on meme-sharing sites like Cheezburger and Quickmeme, after its initial introduction on Memegenerator.

Over the years. the bottom text format has become a popular tool to caricature normie people on internet forums like Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr, by carrying satiric connotations and mocking demeanor.

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