What does Brrr mean?

Brrr, also referred to as X go brrr is a series of image macros, derived from a subcategory of Wojak comics.

The “brrr” image macros usually present a complex problem, which is then solved by a ridiculously simple solution.

While sometimes the comics may refer to the fact that problems may often be overcame by an unelaborate solution, at other times it is used to ridicule people who attempt to solve these hardships through stupendously simple measures.


What's the origin of Brrr?

The “brrr” concept was first featured and spread on a Wojak comic, where a Zoomer is confronting a Boomer Wojak, representing the US Federal Reserve.

The meme revolved around the concerning measure of the Federal Reserve, printing money and raising inflation to combat the economic downtrend, caused by Covid-19.

The Federal Reserve Boomer Wojak then replies “money printer goes brrr”.

It was first shared on Twitter by @femalelandlords on March 9th, 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did Brrr spread?

“Brrr” as a meme spread quickly, with memes revolving around the Federal Reserve ploy as well as other topics spawning on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Brrr” has been defined on Urban Dictionary, several times, with many of the entries written since 2020 referring to the meme.

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