Chad vs Virgin


What does Chad vs Virgin mean?

Chad vs Virgin, also referred to as Virgin Walk refers to a meme series, comparing “virgin” behavior with the archetypical Chad; men with low and high self-esteems.

The meme is a Microsoft Paint illustration of the comparisons mentioned above.

chad vs virgin at gym from r/virginvschad


What's the origin of Chad vs Virgin?

“Chad vs Virgin” was conceived after a 2017 4chan post illustrated the “infamous virgin walk” which had already appeared in various other post prior to the MS Paint drawing.

The theme quickly turned viral on 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Chad vs Virgin spread?

Virgin Walk was reposted on FunnyJunk on the same day as it was uploaded to 4chan.

During 2017, the “Chad vs Virgin” format took over the internet, with a plethora of edits and variations being uploaded to sites like Reddit, 4chan and Imgur.

It then spread on to other websites, including Twitter, Istagram and Facebook, to mention the biggest.

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