What does Chad mean?

Chad may be an expression, referring to multiple things, depending on the situation.

In one common context, “chad” refers to the area between the genitalia and the anus, also known as chode; the source of the rare fromunda cheese.

Alternatively, a “Chad” with a capital letter is considered to be the archetype of the alpha male in memes; he’s confident, laid back, domineering and successful with women.

He’s often called a douchebag, because of his inflated ego, which renders him overly talkative.

In a popular series of memes, he is compared with the “virgin” who is presented as his inferior in the field of comparison.


What's the origin of Chad?

The word “chad” started to be used for the perineum after the 1990’s, deriving from a word of similar form; chode.

The secondary, increasingly prevalent sense of the term “Chad” was conceived in Chicago to refer to spoilt, overly confident urban young adults in their twenties up to their early thirties.

Spread & Usage

How did Chad spread?

The term “Chad” started to take off, thanks to the increasing utilization on the various forums of the Incel community, where people were using it to refer to “alpha males”.

In 2017, the meme format Vigin vs Chad started to spread across the internet, presenting people with the superiority of “Chad”.

The word “chad” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2005, plenty of other entries on the subject;

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