Change My Mind


What does Change My Mind mean?

Change My Mind is a popular exploitable image macro meme that encapsulates ​the sarcastic and often hilarious ⁢nature of online ‍debates. The meme features ⁢a picture of Stephen Crowder sitting behind a table on a college campus, ‍paired with ⁢a sign that says,‍ “Change ⁣My Mind.”

This simple yet ⁢effective image has become the ⁣perfect catalyst for internet ⁣users to‌ express their controversial opinions in​ a‍ playful and‌ satirical manner. The phrase “Change My Mind” is used ironically, as the person behind​ the table is often portrayed as stubborn and unwilling to​ consider alternate viewpoints.

A perfect reaction to the exploitable meme would be the Why Would You Say Something So Controversial Yet So Brave meme.

It’s time to wake up sheeple!


What's the origin of Change My Mind?

In February, 2018 Crowder broadcasted a podcast from the campus of Texas Christian University, where he sat behind a table that said “MALE PRIVILEGE IS A MYTH – CHANGE MY MIND.”

In the podcast, his declaration is attacked by several university students, who are making an attempt at convincing him to seeing eye to eye, while Crowder deflects all of their arguments with witty sophisms, Ben Shapiro style.

Crowder later posted a photo of himself sitting behind the sign on Twitter, which was used as the template of the exploitable meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Change My Mind spread?

In a short span of time, people started photoshopping the image, either replacing Crowder with someone else, or changing the message of the sign to something else – or both.

The exploits of the original photo began appearing on Twitter in 2018, spreading to Reddit and later on other platforms, like Facebook meme groups and Instagram meme pages.

“Change My Mind” was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2019, identifying the phrase with the exploitable meme, that is still frequently used to express controversial opinions, as of 2023. Crowder remains a popular icon for Incels and men in general, who claim egality between sexes has been achieved already.

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