Change My Mind


What does Change My Mind mean?

Change my mind refers to an exploitable photo of conservatide podcaster and comedian Stephen Crowder, sitting behind a sign which says “Male privilege is a myth Change my mind”.

The photo was uploaded to Crowder’s Twitter account and had been used as an exploitable template for memes with controversial topics.

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What's the origin of Change My Mind?

In February, 2018 Crowder broadcasted a podcast from the campus of Texas Christian University, where he sat behind a table that said “Male privilege is a myth Change my mind”.

In the podcast, his declaration is attacked by several university students, who are making an attempt at convincing him to seeing eye to eye.

Both the Twitter post, containing the image and the podcast had gained a large amount of appreciation online.

Spread & Usage

How did Change My Mind spread?

In a short span of time, people started photoshopping the image, either replacing Crowder with someone else, or changing the message of the sign to something else.

The exploits of the original photo had appeared in 2018 on Twitter, as well as Reddit and later on other platforms, like Facebook meme groups and Instagram meme pages.

The phrase was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2019.

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