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What does Coldsteel the Hedgehog mean?

When it comes to the world of Sonic the Hedgehog,⁤ one character stands out⁢ from the rest with his icy demeanor and razor-sharp quills – Coldsteel The Hedgehog. ⁣

Coldsteel is ‍a fan-created character that⁣ has gained a cult following for his‍ unique ‌design and rebellious personality. While Sonic is ‌known for his speedy and heroic‍ nature, ⁣Coldsteel ‌takes a different approach, embodying ​a punk-like attitude ⁢mixed with a mystique that leaves ⁣fans intrigued.

“Coldsteel the Hedgehog” has become an iconic depiction online, associated with insecure teenagers, attempting to appear cool. It inspired countless memes, including the Nothing Personal, Kid copypasta.

coldsteel the hedgehog


What's the origin of Coldsteel the Hedgehog?

The original image macro depicts an illustration of “Coldsteel the Hedgehog” as well as a biography and collection of the things he likes and dislikes.

This image macro would blow up on Reddit, by October 2013, with the character’s bio simultaneously being posted as a copypasta on multiple subs.

The origin of “Coldsteel The Hedgehog” ⁤can be traced back to⁤ the vast community of Sonic fans ⁣who enjoy creating their ⁣own ⁣original characters, ⁣commonly known as “OCs.” While the exact origin of the character remains a mystery, it first appeared on Twitter in May, 2013, credited to @blood_skull_boi84. This user, however, didn’t join Twitter until 2017. Inspired ⁣by Sonic‘s iconic⁤ design, Coldsteel embodies a darker, grittier interpretation, with ​jet-black fur, striking⁢ red eyes, and⁣ a‍ multitude of silver spikes that evoke a sense of danger and rebellion.

As⁣ the⁢ character ⁤gained popularity within the fan⁢ community, Coldsteel‘s backstory‌ and abilities‌ started to‌ take ⁤shape. He is often ‍portrayed as​ an anti-hero, displaying a strong-willed and independent spirit, and possesses ⁢the power to control‍ ice⁢ and freeze his enemies with icy blasts. His rebellious nature and mysterious past have captured the imagination of Sonic fans around the world.

However, “Coldsteel the Hedgehog” became truly popular thanks to the memes and cringe content, that it inspired in the 2010s.

Spread & Usage

How did Coldsteel the Hedgehog spread?

By the summer of 2014, the first YouTube video was uploaded by roman k-0048, titled COLDSTEEL – THE HEDGEHEG trailer”.

Within five days, on June 9th, 2014, AirplaneRandy uploaded a parody animation to match the audio of roman k-0048’s video, titled Coldsteel The Hedgeheg – E3 2014 Trailer”.

Readings of the copypasta would also emerge on the video sharing platform.

On December 3rd, 2015, a DeviantArt user, named bloodskullboi84 uploaded the “Coldsteel the Hedgehog” image macro to the site, however it is impossible to tell whether the person behind the account is the actual creator of the meme.

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