Nothing Personal, Kid


What does Nothing Personal, Kid mean?

The phrase Nothing Personal, Kid is something one says after teleporting behind someone, right before killing them. Online, it is part of a copypasta meme series, that is especially popular among anime fans, Weebs and Otakus.

The *Teleports behind you* “Nothing Personal, Kid” is a copypasta which is used to caption pictures of usually young men with katanas or other kind of bladed weapons.

This phrase also has a funny misspelling for Mocking other people, who are unaware of the joke and would attempt to correct the spelling.

The “Nothing Personnel, Kid” is just like the other phrases that serve a similar purpose, such as “RIP in peace” or “turn 360 degrees and go away”.

Nothing personal, kid


What's the origin of Nothing Personal, Kid?

Teleporting behind someone and killing them that way is a famous trick in Anime series, like in Dragon Ball” or “Bleach”. Possibly the context of teleporting behind someone and killing them with a bladed weapon originates from the series Bleach”.

However, the earliest known appearance of the phrase “Nothing Personal, Kid” doesn’t come from Anime series, but from an illustration of Coldsteel the Hedgeheg dating back to May 29th, 2013 on Twitter.

Since then, the expression has been used as a copypasta for cringeworthy and ironic anime memes alike.

Spread & Usage

How did Nothing Personal, Kid spread?

One of the first instances of the “Nothing Personal, Kid” meme was shared on a Facebook page called Bork Bork You are Doing Me A Frighten. The image depicted a Shiba Inu Doge dog holding a katana in its mouth, captioned with the phrase.

On Reddit the user going by the name michaelhuman shared a picture of a man holding a katana with a list next to him titled “How to tell if a boy is cute,” which included “teleports behind you, kisses your neck”.

The meme got more recognition over the years after these posts were shared on Reddit, Youtube and other social media platforms.

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