Daddy Chill


What does Daddy Chill mean?

Daddy Chill refers to a memorable quote from a McJuggerNuggets comedy sketch, titled “EVICTION DAY!” uttered by the feminine voice of YouTuber Tippy.

“Daddy chill” is used throughout the web, especially in TikToks as well as on reaction image macros and GIFs, in a similar manner to Calm Down Son, It’s Just a Drawing.


What's the origin of Daddy Chill?

“Daddy chill” first appeared in a comedy sketch by YouTuber McJuggerNuggets, uploaded on January 18th, 2019, with the title “EVICTION DAY!”.

At one point in the short film, Psycho Dad finds a bunch of party people in the middle of a hard krunk in his pool house, which makes him Angery.

So Angery, indeed that he becomes a literal oxymoron: Man Literally Too Angry to Die and He’s Too Dangerous to Be Kept Alive.

It is here, YouTuber Tippy is disorienting the man – just before he goes and Loads Shotgun with Malicious Intent – by the line “daddy chill” said with a feminine voice.

Spread & Usage

How did Daddy Chill spread?

The popularity of “daddy chill” started surging in March 2019, with a TikTok trend, where adult men are producing a “daddy chill” with a Femboy tone.

The meme spread to various other sites, either as a standalone phrase or as an image macro caption.

These include Twitter, 9GAG, Instagram as well as Reddit, although it still enjoys the most popularity on TikTok as of 2021.

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