Loads Shotgun with Malicious Intent


What does Loads Shotgun with Malicious Intent mean?

Loads shotgun with malicious intent is a reaction image, depicting the protagonist of the DOOM series; The Doom Slayer.

Online the image is used to express feelings of rage and desire of repercussion and vengeance.

Loads shotgun with malicious intent


What's the origin of Loads Shotgun with Malicious Intent?

The 2016 installment of the DOOM series was released on May 13th, 2016 by Bethesda Studios.

In the game, players are taking control over the godlike destroyer of demons, The Doom Slayer.

Following the release of the game, illustrations of the Doom Slayer loading a shotgun, with the captions “loads shotgun with malicious intent” started appearing on Reddit.

Spread & Usage

How did Loads Shotgun with Malicious Intent spread?

The meme would remain popular among fans and players of the series, however, due to the great success of the game, the format would spread on to several online platforms.

It would appear on sites like Imgur, Reddit, and 9GAG.

The release of DOOM Eternal in 2020 would only further popularize “loads shotgun with malicious intent”.

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