Doge Of Venice


What does Doge Of Venice mean?

Doge of Venice is a meme that refers to, and connects the famous internet shiba-inu Doge and the formal title of historical Venice’s ruler, which was similarly “Doge of Venice”.

There are many variations to the joke due to its obvious convenience, but the meme usually appears by mixing up the picture of the animal Doge with a renaissance painting of one of the Venetian monarchs, often accompanied by interior monologue texts written over the picture.


What's the origin of Doge Of Venice?

The original birth of the Doge of Venice title dates back to 8th century Italy, where Doge was used as a title similar to a duke or an aristocrat, a supreme ruler over an autonomic territory.

However, on the internet, Doge was initially a slang word for dogs on the internet. Doge started to gain his own identity after the famous picture of the shiba-inu was shot in 2010, after that, the term was being used in reference to the picture.

Ater 2010 the Doge meme went viral, which has inspired people to connect the phenomenon to as many gags and jokes as possible. As a result, during the early 2010s, the Doge of Venice crossover meme was born.

Spread & Usage

How did Doge Of Venice spread?

In 2012, a user called salazar_the_terrible submitted a post in /r/HistoryMemes. The post featured the perfection meme (with Michael Fassbender) and had 3 layers: a regular dog, Doge, and the Doge of Venice, implying that one is more real than the previous, in an orderly manner

In 2019, a photo-edited image was uploaded to The picture was a photo edit of one of the Venetian doges, but with the face of the animal Doge, while also having interior monologues written all over such as “much leadership” or “very republic”.

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