Drake The Type Of Guy


What does Drake The Type Of Guy mean?

Drake The Type Of Guy refers to a popular image macro meme series, all making jokes about rapper Drake.

These memes come either in the form of tweets or image macro memes, all poking fun at Drake, who is considered effeminate by the hyper-masculine standards of the rap community. Online, the phrase may come in many forms, although the post popular is either “Drake The Type Of Guy” or “Drake The Type Of MF.”

Drake the type of mf


What's the origin of Drake The Type Of Guy?

The “Drake The Type Of Guy” meme series has a long history, beginning with a tweet from 2011, posted by @DJ_BERN on April 14th, saying “Drake the type of dude that let his woman propose.”

Memes like that continued spreading across Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram between 2011 and 2013, appearing both on image macros, as well as regular posts.

A popular YouTube video, created by MeechOnMars was uploaded on June 17th, 2013, compiling a number of these “Drake The Type Of Guy” memes.

Spread & Usage

How did Drake The Type Of Guy spread?

In the following years, the “Drake The Type Of Guy” memes received a large amount of attention on Tumblr and Twitter, spawning a plethora of image macros about the rapper.

Even years after the original golden age of the trend, posts about the topic still emerged, even as late as 2020, often merging with other meme templates, like the Honk Shoo meme.

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