Duck With Knife


What does Duck With Knife mean?

Duck with knife refers to an image of a plush chick or a duckling with a kitchen knife in its wing.

It is a popular topic of wholesome image macros, like the Kirby with a Knife meme.

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What's the origin of Duck With Knife?

The first instance of the photo can be traced to the tweet of Twitter user @reddalles, shared on August 22nd, 2016, with the captions “When ur soft but someone hurts ur friends”.

“Duck with knife” garnered attention of users, as many in the comments of the post inquired about where they could buy a plush like it.

Spread & Usage

How did Duck With Knife spread?

The meme would spread slowly until March, 2017, when it garnered greater attention on Tumblr.

By April, 2017, various image macros and meme edits have been uploaded to Tumblr, revolving around “duck with knife”.

These memes would then spread to Twitter, as well as numerous subreddits, including r/memes and r/WholesomeMemes.

Over the years, the meme became a popular item of merchandizing companies, with many “duck with knife” available products on Amazon or Etsy.

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