Duck With Knife


What does Duck With Knife mean?

The Duck With Knife meme is a wholesome and amusing trend that has taken the internet by storm.

The image of a cute and innocent duckling with a knife in its wing is meant to be a playful and quirky twist on the unexpected. It’s a reminder that even the most harmless and innocent things can have a surprising edge to them.

It is similar to the Goose With Knife meme, from the Untitled Goose Game, as well as the Kirby With a Knife meme.


What's the origin of Duck With Knife?

The origins of this meme can be traced back to a tweet by Twitter user @reddalles in August 2016.

The tweet featured the photo of the now-famous chick with the caption, “When ur soft but someone hurts ur friends.”

The image quickly went viral, and many users were curious about where they could purchase a plush version of the duck.

Spread & Usage

How did Duck With Knife spread?

It wasn’t until March 2017 that the “Duck With Knife” meme gained traction on Tumblr. There, the meme quickly spawned several image macro memes, and artistic renditions, which spread to Twitter and various subreddits, where it became a staple of meme culture.

Its popularity even led to the creation of merchandise, with “Duck With Knife” plush toys and other items available on Amazon and Etsy.

The meme’s enduring popularity is a testament to the absurdity and humor that often define internet culture. It’s a reminder that even the most bizarre ideas can capture the imagination of millions of people, and that social media has the power to turn even the most obscure memes into global phenomena.

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