What does Edumacation mean?

Edumacation is a purposefully altered form of the word “educated” usually applied in a sarcastic, humorous way, implying the actual lack of education from the part of the other speaker.

The term “edumacation” is a statement toward the education system in which many experience the lack of proper, commonly applicable knowledge, while there is an absurdly large overabundance of otherwise useless lexical knowledge.

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What's the origin of Edumacation?

The term is derived from the English word education, with the added infix, –ma– which is a tool for adding ironic, pseudo-sophistication to a word, making the speaker sound a lot more scientific and factual, with a humorous intent.

The first time the word had been published in a printed form was in 1912.

Since then, while its popularity remained scarce, many people had embraced the bittersweet humor of the term.

Spread & Usage

How did Edumacation spread?

 The expression had been featured in cartoons like Popeye and The Simpsons, “edumacating” the viewers far and wide.

Urban Dictionary has entries on the term uploaded since 2003.

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