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What does FBI Open up mean?

The term “FBI Open up” is a well know meme all around the internet, which started as an anime meme, where a guy or man gets in the situation of seeing a picture of a girl of questionable age in something that can be described as an erotic situation.

This has not not only started the “FBI Open up” but the calling the police meme and “lolice” meme.

The “loli police” meme is usually an image macro, but the “FBI Open up” one is normally a .gif or video, usually featuring cut out scenes from the video game Rainbow Six Siege.

The character is watching a video on his phone where a questionable anime scene is shown which prompts the “FBI Open up” macro where other players can be seen coming inside the house with guns blazing, ready to arrest the offender.

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What's the origin of FBI Open up?

The term and meme “FBI Open up” has been around for a few (2-3 as of 2020) years thanks to the video game Rainbow Six Siege and the unknown Youtuber who first created and uploaded the skit to the website.

Spread & Usage

How did FBI Open up spread?

“FBI Open up” is a well-known and popular meme all around the internet and the world both for the anime lovers and the Rainbow Six Siege players.

It is a daily driver on messaging board website like 4chan or Reddit and also on image sharing sites like 9gag.

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