What does 215600 mean?

This number is a hentai tag taken from the hentai website Nhentai.

Hentai is a type of adult entertainment, but rather than featuring real people, it is anime – the name of Japanese cartoons.

The hentai tag 215600 refers to the Nhentai called “Mii Inside the Box”.

It tells a bizarre and morbid story about a young girl (loli) sold by her poor parents to a man who keeps her inside a box and rapes her and does all kinds of horrendous sexual things with her.

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What's the origin of 215600?

Mii Inside the Box was written and drawn by hentai artist Kawady Max.

Hentai tags such as 215600 are used to reference to specific anime on dedicated hentai websites, or on subreddits such as /r/animemes.

Spread & Usage

How did 215600 spread?

Although hentai, manga and anime is a part of Japanese culture, it has a major fan group in western countries.

However, shock adult entertainment such as 215600 – Mii Inside the Box – is only attractive to specially interested people that enjoy bizarre sexual topics. Most viewers admit that they came over the hentai randomly and regretted it soon after.

Some has stated that this type of hentai brings light to what happens to thousands of people on the dark web daily.

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