Forbidden Pants


What does Forbidden Pants mean?

Forbidden Pants refers to a type of pants, also known as Flare Pants, that are a popular topic on TikTok and Instagram, due to the fact that they heavily emphasize the rear ends of women, sending men to the horny jail.

The pants became a popular topic of discussion on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, where videos and reaction memes were created, prominently featuring the “Forbidden Pants.” These threads, resembling leggings turned viral in late 2022, when women began twerking to Ice Spice’“You Thought I Was Feeling You?” in them.

forbidden pants


What's the origin of Forbidden Pants?

Flare Pants had been in a prominent position on the internet for a while, with the r/GirlsInFlarePants subreddit dating back to September 2018, gaining a large number of followers and content in 2021.

“Forbidden Pants” became more and more prominent online in the early 2020s, with one of the earliest uses of the phrase occurring in the tweet of @GhostyHippie, in May 2020. By August that year TikToks of women dancing in these threads began emerging, often hashtagged with #forbiddenpants. A notable user who established this practice was @sweet_byrdie.

Spread & Usage

How did Forbidden Pants spread?

In the years between 2020 and 2022, “Forbidden Pants” became more and more favored online, spreading to sites like Reddit, Twitter and Instagram, apart from TikTok.

Despite this, the true popularity came for the Drip in 2022, when an increased number of twerking vides started appearing on TikTok, following the release of Ice Spice’“Munch (Feelin’ U),” which became a popular sound on the platform.

“Forbidden Pants” also became a popular topic of discussion, due to their powerful effect on the male psyche and the ruin of many-a No Nut November challenges.

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