Galaxy Brain


What does Galaxy Brain mean?

Galaxy Brain, also called Expanding Brain is a multi-panel exploitable image series, which compares the size and activity of people.

While it signifies higher intelligence, it is used in an ironic manner and is associated with ridiculous ideas and beliefs, rather than a legitimate credence.

Even when I want to be a mere high brain, my GM forces me to be galaxy brain.


What's the origin of Galaxy Brain?

“Galaxy Brain” was first part of the “Whomstmeme series, in which the extractions of the word “who” was paired with images depicting bigger and bigger brain sizes.

The format appeared on Reddit’s r/dankmemes thread in 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Galaxy Brain spread?

The template caught on and was paired with many other phenomena, including politics, music and video games.

It remained popular on Reddit, however the meme format became a major one, appearing on most social media sites, where people post memes.

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