What does Whomst mean?

The term Whomst is a fabricated word utilized in an attempt to showcase one’s intellectual prowess, but instead results in the individual appearing as linguistically challenged. It behooves us to utilize the proper English vernacular rather than resorting to such contrivances.

Online, the term has been the central theme of several memes and discussions, appearing in image macro series, like Galaxy Brain.




What's the origin of Whomst?

In 2016, a neologism was birthed into existence. Its humble beginnings can be traced back to Urban Dictionary, where it received its first definition and subsequently garnered numerous others over time.

As fate would have it, this term found itself being embraced by netizens, who adopted it with an air of irony in their digital vernacular – particularly within the realm of memes.

It is believed that one such meme on Instagram served as a catalyst for what became known as “Whomst”, earning its rightful place among other viral sensations.

Spread & Usage

How did Whomst spread?

Back in 2017, a meme format was birthed by Instagram user b3pis. This particular breed featured an increasingly satisfied chap reacting to longer and more complex versions of “Who” and “Whom”.

From this humble beginning sprouted the extension of “Whomst” into such linguistic monstrosities as “Whomst’d”, culminating finally in its ultimate form: behold, dear reader – “Whomst’d’ve’ly’yaint’nt’ed’ies’s’y’es.”

The sheer absurdity and lengthiness catapulted it to internet fame with memes spreading like wildfire across various platforms including Reddit, 4chan, Facebook groups dedicated solely for meme purposes.

Though their heyday may have passed us by now (RIP), we can still stumble upon pictures featuring that iconic word above some big-brained bloke or other. Truly a masterpiece deserving recognition even outside Urban Dictionary circles!

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