Gamers Rise Up


What does Gamers Rise Up mean?

Gamers rise up is a popular phrase associated with the we live in a society and gang weed memes, which usually come with illustrations of the villain of the Batman series, Joker.

These memes almost always praise the power and capability in the hands of gamers and motivating them to take control of their surroundings and “rise up”.

Joker memes usually involve cringe worthy captions and quotes which are like they were taken out of Fight Club scenes.


What's the origin of Gamers Rise Up?

One of the earliest of such memes was uploaded to 9GAG in 2015, with a picture of Joker, paired with the captions “When the nice guy loses his patiance (sic) / the devil shivers”.

The format would then appear on image and message boards online, including sites like Reddit and 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Gamers Rise Up spread?

Following 2018, the many variations of the meme resulted in a new iteration; “gamers rise up” which would appear on YouTube videos, TikTok skits, as well as Reddit threads and social media posts.

The expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2018.

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