We Live in a Society


What does We Live in a Society mean?

We Live in a Society refers to a series of image macro memes featuring iconic anarchist figures like Joker from Batman or V from V for Vendetta. These humorous yet cringeworthy captions often revolve around girls choosing so-called “Chads” over gamers.

Also known as Gamers Rise Up, this meme has taken the internet by storm due to its inherent contradictions and absurdity that tickles even the most Stoic individuals’ funny bones.

Another variation of this trend involves comparing a popular concept with a lesser-known but similar idea while editing social media reactions accordingly. It’s safe to say; these witty creations have become an integral part of modern-day humor!


We live in a society…


What's the origin of We Live in a Society?

“We Live in a Society” graced 9GAG in 2015 and featured none other than the Joker himself with an the caption: “When the nice guy loses his patiance/the devil shivers.” But that was just the beginning.

Fast forward to May 2nd, 2017 when another image macro featuring our favorite villain appeared on a cringe thread over at good ol’ /lit/ board on infamous site 4chan. This time it paired Jared Leto‘s portrayal of the Joker from Suicide Squad with some bold claims about gamers being superior lovers – backed up by studies no less!

Soon enough, this format spread like wildfire across various online platforms including Reddit and even back where it all began on trusty old 4chan. Truly a testament to its enduring wit and humor!

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How did We Live in a Society spread?

The phrase “We Live in a Society” has transcended its humble origins on 9GAG and infiltrated the virtual realms of Facebook, Reddit, and even the notorious denizens of 4chan. The elusive mastermind behind this viral sensation remains shrouded in mystery as it continues to permeate every nook and cranny of cyberspace.

Interestingly enough, diligent researchers have traced back the roots of this ubiquitous catchphrase to an episode from Seinfeld where it was first uttered. Despite its origin story being revealed, “We Live in a Society” continued to thrive as an ironic meme that spawned countless image macros paired with painfully awkward captions throughout much of the late-2010s.

However, like all good things (and memes), they must come to an end eventually – which is precisely what happened by the turn-of-the-decade when interest had waned considerably.

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