We live in a society


What does We live in a society mean?

We live in a society is a series of memes, depicting the Joker from the Batman series or any other anarchist character from pop culture – such as V form the film, V for Vendetta.

The meme became a grand success throughout the internet, because of its inherent contradiction.

Another form of this meme is comparing a popular and a less known, but similar concept with according social media reactions edited to each.

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What's the origin of We live in a society?

Seinfeld’s “We’re living in a society” scene might be the genesis of this meme, which aired on the 23rd of May, 1991.

The direct cause for the creation of this meme is something else though. In 2015, memes surfaced on 9gag and Facebook with pictures of the Joker, describing the sick and hypocritical system we’re living in.

The final format of We live in a society was born soon after, when people started cropping down the cringy rants and leaving only the Joker with the legendary phrase.

Spread & Usage

How did We live in a society spread?

We live in a society has spread from 9gag to Facebook, Reddit and 4chan. While its original creator is covered in a shroud of mystery, the creation has spread to every deep, dark corner of the internet.

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