Gas Gas Gas


What does Gas Gas Gas mean?

Gas Gas Gas refers to the title of the legendary song by the Eurobeat music artist Manuel Karamori.

The song is famous for being featured in the anime and video game adaptations of the Initial D manga series, which spawned the Multi Track Drifting meme.

Online, “Gas Gas Gas” is often included in remixes and parodies, uploaded to YouTube.


What's the origin of Gas Gas Gas?

“Gas Gas Gas” was first released on the Super Eurobeat Volume 183 on December 27th, 2007.

The song remained relatively obscure outside the fanbase of the Eurobeat genre until it was included in the soundtrack of the Initial D video games and anime.

Spread & Usage

How did Gas Gas Gas spread?

“Gas Gas Gas” started gaining meme status in 2016, as it started appearing as the background music of parodies, related to the trope of racing.

The song would also get its own 1 hour or 10-hour loops, as is the custom with meme music.

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