Get A Load Of This Society


What does Get A Load Of This Society mean?

Get a load of this society is a crossover between the two popular memes get a load of this guy and we live in a society.

The meme’s aim is usually to mock certain aspects of modern western society, portraying its flaws and negative aspects in a comically satire way.

Get a load of this society


What's the origin of Get A Load Of This Society?

The first component of the format a template that originally features Ross from popular TV sitcom Friends, saying is “get a load of this guy” while pointing back with a grin on his face.

Primarily, it is a reaction meme applied on those who say or do something extremely stupid.

We live in a society originates from gamer culture. These memes usually feature Cristopher Nolan’s Joker, or any fictional or non-fictional character with a Joker-like mascara edited on them.

Its purpose is to draw up criticism against our society, that only favors popular, attractive, or aesthetically pleasing people.

The hybrid of these two first appeared as Ross being poorly edited into wearing Joker’s makeup saying: “Get a load of this society”

Spread & Usage

How did Get A Load Of This Society spread?

Get a load of this society essentially started out on Facebook meme pages in 2018.

Since then several re-interpretations have been made on forums like Reddit and Steemit.

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