Goon Cave


What does Goon Cave mean?

Goon Cave refers to a place of refute for Pr0n addicts, Coomers or people otherwise addicted to choking the bishop.

It encompasses the word Gooning, a practice, where one is edging for so long that they are completely ignorant and dumbed down, only focusing on the act of pleasuring themselves.

“Goon Caves,” Gooning Kits and Gooning in general became a popular meme online in 2022, appearing on image macros and discussions on various sites, especially Reddit, Twitter and iFunny.



What's the origin of Goon Cave?

The term “Goon” was adopted to hardcore masturbators in the 2000s, referring to the fact that they turned Smooth Brain from whacking off too much. The first Urban Dictionary definition on the expression was uploaded on August 18th, 2005.

“Goon Cave” started gaining prominence online in May 2019, when the subreddits r/gooned and r/GoonCaves were launched, revolving around memes on Gooning. Despite this, the phenomenon didn’t turn viral yet online.

Spread & Usage

How did Goon Cave spread?

Widespread attention were brought to “Goon Caves” in 2020, when MEL Magazine shared an article about Gooning, identifying people who go Full Retard when it comes to masturbating.

Another catalyst to the development of the “Goon Caves” meme comes from a post on r/GoonCaves, shared by u/SevenTen01, boasting his “emergency gooning kit.” The post was shared on the subreddit in March 2020, and was reposted on iFunny and Reddit.

“Goon Caves” started making appearances on ironic memes on iFunny, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter and Tumblr in June 2021 – a trend that is still going strong as of 2023.

Memes about Gooning became a highly versatile and deeply exploited trope online, with a wide array of variations and iterations being shared on the most popular social media sites, frequently referencing other memes.

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