What does Coomer mean?

A Coomer is a person with an extreme masturbation addiction, to the point where they don’t function in daily life anymore.

He is pictured as Wojak, a meme and rage comic character known for his sad, depressed facial look. The Coomer version of Wojak has an untrimmed, brown beard and some stubs of hair on his head.

Coomers are looked down on by society because they are malfunctioning in basic tasks because of their excessive needs for masturbation.

They frequent adult entertainment sites, know the names of heaps of adult entertainment stars, and their mind is almost constantly on masturbation.

Aaaaaaaaaagh im gonna coom


What's the origin of Coomer?

The Coomer Wojak was first posted on 4chan in December, 2018.

It features a drawn image of the brown haired Wojak, the title “The 20 year old Coomer”, and multiple descriptions about the Coomers’ life.

The name was inspired by similar words such as “boomer” and “zoomer”, but with the first part of the name being derived from “cum”.v

Spread & Usage

How did Coomer spread?

Coomer references didn’t gain much popularity during the first year after it was created, but it saw a significant increase as the slang “Cumface”, with similar meaning, became popular.

Its popularity increased even further when YouTube videos was shared featuring the Coomer Wojak and a fitting song describing the Coomers life.

In November 2019, people decided to make the “Coomer pledge”. A pledge to complete the No-Nut November challenge, or if not, they would have to post Coomer Wojak as their profile picture on social media.

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