Hard Times Create Strong Men


What does Hard Times Create Strong Men mean?

Hard times create strong men is a catchphrase from a meme that aims to describe the cyclical nature in abundance and poverty in a society.

The quote would appear as a caption on various image macros and it would later be parodied and featured on memes in an ironic manner.

Hard Times create Strong Men


What's the origin of Hard Times Create Strong Men?

The quote has been credited to G. Michael Hopf, appearing in his post-apocalyptic book, titled Those Who Remain.

The book was published by Hopf in 2016.

In the same year, the quote would appear on image macros of a picture depicting various time periods in the Roman Empire, as well as a photo of Chechen freedom fighters posing with their weapons.

These macros would appear on meme sites, such as 9GAG as well as HUGELOL.

Spread & Usage

How did Hard Times Create Strong Men spread?

The image macros would gain a lot of popularity during 2016 and 2017 and would be shared to sites like Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, iFunny as well as Imgur.

Following 2017, the meme would be reimagined in several formats, including the political compass meme as well as various illustrations and paraphrasing of the original quote.

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