Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition


What does Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition mean?

Reject modernity, embrace tradition refers to a memified catchphrase, frequently seen on either serious conservative, or ironic meme image macros.

These usually compare nostalgic objects, landmarks and other phenomenon to their changed, contemporary versions, claiming the old versions were better.


What's the origin of Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition?

With the rise of liberalism in the last two centuries, present day conservatives and 30-Year-Old Boomers realized that Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions, posting various image macros with the trope on social media sites like Twitter since 2017.

Humorous takes on “reject modernity, embrace tradition” started appearing on meme pages like iFunny and 9GAG toward the end of 2018, jokingly implying to conservatives that the future is now, old man.

Spread & Usage

How did Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition spread?

By early 2019, the meme started gaining a wider audience, spreading to Reddit and Instagram, primarily on ironic image macros, comparing the nostalgia of the past with the disillusionment of the present.

“Reject modernity, embrace tradition” had remained a popular theme and meme both in 2020 and 2021, appearing both humorously and seriously on sites ranging from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, 9GAG and iFunny.

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