Hell Yeah Brother


What does Hell Yeah Brother mean?

Hell yeah brother refers to a popular copypasta online, with the full message reading Hell yeah brother, cheers from Iraq.

The copypasta is often used in contexts or image macros related to feeling ultra-patriotic, like the Murica meme.

It’s the American version of Aloha Snackbar, used ironically in moments related to the feeling Oh Yeah, It’s All Coming Together or Oh Baby, A Triple.

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What's the origin of Hell Yeah Brother?

“Hell yeah brother” first appeared online on Reddit’s r/NFL sub, on August 17th, 2018.

It was posted by u/killerkure123 as a response to a comment under his question about which 3rd string cornerback to replace, to which another user answered with quarterback Tom Brady, because “Then he wouldn’t play.”

U/killerkure123 then commented the ominous line “Hell yeah brother, cheers from Iraq”.

Spread & Usage

How did Hell Yeah Brother spread?

“Hell yeah brother” quickly spread across various other subreddits, many related to Sportsball, like r/nflcirclejerk or r/Browns, however it also emerged in other subreddits, such as r/copypasta and r/Kanye.

In the following years, “Hell yeah brother” would also appear on numerous image macros, related to patriotism, often featuring guns, the American flag, as well as Hulk Hogan, guns, bald eagles and other stereotypically American things, on sites like Reddit, iFunny and Imgur.

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